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Longhorn Leaf 3 by Cubiz Longhorn Leaf 3 by Cubiz
Note: if you enjoy my work, PLEASE help me out by making a donation: [link]

Yes, another one. Number 3 has a new leaf background and a glass splash.

Works with all resolutions 800x600+

Updates and releases:

21st December, 2004
- Release

Note: if you enjoy my work, PLEASE help me out by making a donation: [link]
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jordygreen Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2006  Student
wow really good so nice and clean
Frnak Featured By Owner May 7, 2006  Hobbyist Interface Designer
For some reason, the turn off button does not show :(, and the scroll bar on it is sorta off. I'm using Logonui Boot Randomizer. Anyone know any suggestions?
deviantJoey Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Great logon, I will use it for a while =) Although it's taking a while to suspects a certain sibling is downloading...Hmm... I would donate money, but I have very little right now :(
cheese-cube Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
Simple, smooth and stylish. Very nice work. :+fav:
stell4r Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
Amazing logon!!!
conspiracyx Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2005
wow, both # 2 and this one are awesome, using them now. where did you get the backgrounds?
Cubiz Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2005
The #2 background was sent to me from someone at Neowin, and I found the #3 background on a website that hosts Longhorn wallpapers. Google "longhorn wallpapers" and you should be able to find them both. :)
conspiracyx Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2005
ah, thanks, i actually discovered them as a link in comments in one of your deviations after i sent the note, but thanks anyways
mrsaturn Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2005
It's amusing that you compress the exe to protect your work when the wallpaper you used in it isn't even your own..
mcshen Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2005
amazing!.. lovely.
sticksuwp Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Looks Great! But for some reason i cant get Style XP to load it... when i select it in Style XP, it crashes the programs... Any suggestions (besides installing it manually, which i've done b4 but then Windows XP became kinda buggy)
patthemav Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hmm I can understand that you compress and protect your Logons, they're your work. But because I'm here in germany and using a german Windows XP, I used the tweaking-tool "tuneup" to switch my logons. Tuneup was able to extract the graphics from a logon and patched the original german ntoskrnl.exe, so that my login was still in german (including the "has x emails" and "has x programs running"-labels). Apperently, this doesn't work anymore with my logins, which saddens me, 'cos I would really like using Longhorn Leaf 3, because it's my current wallpaper as well.

Maybe we could work together on a german version of this logon including me adapting the graphics and style to a german version of ntoskrnl.exe and you compressing and protecting this logon again.
jimmsta Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very Nice! I really like this logonui! I believe I'll be using this one for a while.
xpgeek Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
Lovvvvvve it
Sokki83 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
very nice! plain and simple.
reynoldsm Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
Looking Great
dzdezign Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004   Interface Designer
Really nice :-D
DR3AMS1nD1G1TAL Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
nice job =)
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December 20, 2004
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